Christmas Message 2014

This is my Christmas Message for 2014 I hope you enjoy it. This song is about someone most of the people in my generation, as well as many today remember. It is about our wife, mother, grandmothers, and those that read the bible for strength, love, and grace. Merry Christmas to everyone who watches this and please lets not forget the strength of our faith this season. Sign Up to my email list in the form on the right

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15 Responses to Christmas Message 2014

  1. Stan Grubin says:

    Another well done musical by Jamie which I found catchy and cheerful! I’ll now forward it to my 5 kids. I think they too believe Christmas is quite different.

  2. Fay.e Barron says:

    I really enjoyed hearing and seeing this again. I hope we will all be hearing it this coming Christmas season! I’m forwarding to friends and family.

  3. Nancy Jensen says:

    I agree with Stan, catchy, colorful, delightful. Christmas has changed, even more so in S. California climate. I know I do not put much effort into making it traditional, so I am part of that change. Not sure if it is good or bad, yet. Feels sad.

    I’ve often been told, “if it is to be, it is up to me.”

    ~Nancy J Jensen

  4. Tommy Jordan says:

    That was awesome. Great job. Sadly the song was right on the money. Sometimes the truth hurts and believe me brother, you sure do speak the truth.

    • Jamie says:

      Thanks Tommy unfortunatly writing the song was easier than I wanted it to be because all I had to do was look around and write down the reality of how we celebrate Christmas today.

  5. Dick Mullis says:

    You were not kidding. I think these songs are very well done. Hope to see you guys in Oct and maybe Dec.

  6. Dick Mullis says:

    Another god one.

  7. Lorraine Jones says:

    Another brilliant song by the one and only, Jamie Anton. Keep them coming and one day fate will open the door and everyone can here these masterpieces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Dick Mullis says:

    Another good one.

  9. Jimmy Miller says:


    Loved your Christmas song. Look forward to hearing your songs in the future and catching up on the old ones.


  10. Martha Carrow says:

    Jamie!! That was great. You are a man of many talents…Hope I have your signature on some of my old documents from work…might be worth some $$ one day!!

  11. Mark Petersen says:

    Best yet, Jamie — I really liked this. Well done

  12. Joe McGrath says:

    Jamie, while your career at the “Boat Factory” may have been more rewarding from a monetary standpoint (you reckon), it pales in comparison to the enjoyment that you have provided to your friends and subscribers, through your musical endeavors!! Keep up the Great Work!!

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